1466 Calendar of Papal Registers (5)

We have no proof that these individuals are early Boe/Bowe, but they are worth recording since they might be. The forms their names take is strikingly similar to early forms of Boe/Bowe noted by Irish surname historians who attributed O'Buoy, Boe and Bowe to Cork. Since these individuals lived in early Ossory, and Cork and Ossory had strong ties, there could be a connection. Or, since we have no primary evidence supporting the surname historians of a Cork origin, the individuals in this document could have a connection to Boe/Bowe but from some other early geographic origin. Since the original references are in Latin, we rely on translations. 

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1933 - British History Online

1) 'Lateran Regesta 643: 1466' [1933 translation broken up for readability]

To the dean of Ossory, Thomas Omobuygy, canon of the same, and Eugenius Macconkagry, canon of Ardagh (Ardakaden.). Mandate to cause James Ybuoy alias Macconbuaga, priest, of the diocese of Ossory
(who, as his recent petition contained, after he had been dispensed by papal authority on account of illegitimacy, as the son of a priest and an unmarried woman, to be promoted to all, even holy orders and hold a benefice even with cure, and after he had thereafter obtained by canonical collation the perpetual vicarage of the parish church Detibrit (recte de Tibrit) (fn. 5) [in the said diocese], and had held it for more than six years, resigned it, and, without having obtained any other dispensation on account of the said defect, obtained by de facto collation the rectory of the parish church of Glastro in the said diocese, and has detained it for five years, taking the fruits, likewise de facto; and whom the pope hereby absolves from all sentences of excommunication etc., and rehabilitates on account of his taking the said fruits),
to be received as a canon of the priory of St. Mary, Aghmaccert, (fn. 6) O.S.A., in the said diocese, give him the regular habit, and receive his profession, and thereafter to collate and assign to him,
after he has resigned to them the said rectory, the said priory, which is conventual and elective and with cure, value not exceeding 15 marks sterling (that of the said vicarage not exceeding 2), void by the death of Patrick Obuoey, and ipso facto reserved to the pope in virtue of his general reservation of all conventual priories; whether it be void as stated, or by the death of Charles (Keruali) Ybuey, or by the resignation of the said Patrick, and Charles, or of the late Dermit Ymehayr, or in any other way,
and moreover to grant to him in commendam for life, after he has resigned it, as above, the said rectory, of lay patronage and with cure, value likewise not exceeding 2 marks sterling, provided that the said patrons consent, to be held by him together with the said priory. The pope here specially dispenses him to receive and retain the said priory and rectory, notwithstanding the said defect, etc., but before they proceed to the execution (fn. 7) of these presents, he is to resign the rectory. Apostolice sedis circumspecta benignitas. (F. and A. de Cortesiis. | F. xxxxv. Expedita Secundo Non. Maii Anno Secundo. Saxinaten.) [5½ pp.] [emphasis added]...
5 Id. April. (2 April.) St. Mark's, Rome. (f. 94.)
Footnotes ...
5 The fourth letter of what appears to be ‘Detibrit’ has been corrected from some other letter, apparently an ‘r,’ into what is presumably a long ‘i.’ 
6 Or ‘Aghmaecort,’ the third, as also the fourth and fifth letters from the end, being doubtful. 
7 ad assecutionem, recte executionem. [1]

2) 'Index of Persons and Places: A' [1933 notes on Aghmacart Priory]

Aghmacart, Achamacurth, Achmacart, Achmadhcarrt, Achmadheurit, Aghmaccert, Aghmaecort [Queen's county], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, alias St. Tiernan, prior of, papal mandatary, 414, 418, 634, 726.

-, -, Charles (Kerualus) prior of. See Obuoy.

-, -, Dermit prior of. See O'Meagher.

-, -, James prior of. See Obuoy.

-, -, Patrick prior of. See Obuoy.

-, -, canon of. See Obuoy, James.  [2]

1957 - Archivium Hibernicum ["Irish Historical Records"]

In 1957 an editor for the Catholic Historical Society of Ireland makes note of these Obuoy individuals in a footnote to the "Obligationes pro Annatis Diocesis Ossoriensis, 1413-1531":

27. Ybuoey, Obuoey, O'Bowe, in Irish Ua Buadhaigh; Macconguaga or Mac Con-Buadhaigh appears to be another form of the same name. For appointment to Aghamacart see Cal. papal letters, xii. 539. Aghamacart priory is in the present parish of Durrow; see account in Carrigan, ii. 235. Glascro, near Clashacrow, in the present parish of Freshford. [3]

1905 - William Carrigan

Carrigan, in 1905, showed "Ybury, otherwise MacConguaga," "Obnocy, otherwise Obnoecy," and Glassro. [4] Apparently more modern translators have overruled him or not accounted for his interpretation. (Carrigan goes on to suggest that Ybury/Ybuoey/Ybuoy's appointment appears in further documentation not to have been recognized.)

St. Mary's Priory, aka Abbeyleix


This is Abbeyleix, founded in 1183 by Connor O More. A brief history can be found at the Cistercians in Yorkshire project website. Baltinglass was founded in 1148 by Dermot McMurrough in Wicklow. A brief history of Baltinglass is found at the Cistercians in Yorkshire project website.


It appears that this individual lived near Detibrit and Glascro in Kilkenny (about four miles apart, northwest of Kilkenny City), while being subject to the St. Mary's priory in Leix/Laois/Queens. This is an area of concentration for later Bowe. It's interesting to note that among some other Tubbrid place names in Ireland, there are two in Tipperary and Cork.

Might this be an Irish Bowe progenitor who had a connection to Tubbrid, Cork, and later the Tubbrids of Kilkenny and Tipperary? These Tubbrids lie roughly along an axis from Cork city to northwest Kilkenny/south Leix, the axis any Cork progenitor, if in fact there was one, might have taken into the Tipperary/Kilkenny/Leix area where the Bowe name became prominent. (Today they lie along the mail road from Cork to Dublin.)

Tubbrid, Tybrukyndealaygh alias Balynatybrud [in Tracton parish, barony of Kinalea, co. Cork], parcel of the rectory of, 124, 125.
Tubbrid, Detibrit (recte de Tibrit), [co. Kilkenny], vicarage of, 539.
Tubbrid, Tybrid [co. Tipperary], vicarage of, 477. [5]

The Cork Tubbrid, however, is not included in the 1994 Master Book of Irish Placenames: Master Atlas and Book of Irish Placenames, which only lists those in Kilkenny and Tipperary. [6]

According to Power, the [Tipperary Tubbrid] parish derives its name from the well (Irish Tobraid Chiaráin) at which St. Declan baptised a local infant named Ciaran, who in time became a noted holy figure. It was said of Ciarán (Ciaran Mac Eochaidh) that he founded a monastery in the locality and that: "He worked many miracles and holy signs and this is the name of his monastery Tiprut [Tubrid] and this is where it is:--in the western part of the Decies in Ui Faithe between Slieve Grot (Galtee) and Sieve Cua and it is within the bishopric of Declan." [citing Power, Rev. P.; Royal (Burgundian) Library, Brussels. "Life of St. Declan of Ardmore, and Life of St. Mochuda of Lismore." (Manuscript 4190-4200). Irish Texts Society London. pp. par. 37. Retrieved 2009-06-22.] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tubrid

A Longshot

Variants like these were used in Scotland. Might Obuoy have come down from there following a path of religious opportunity?

On the mainland of Scotland from a very early time when surnames were first used, some persons in various locations and in different periods of time adopted the surname "Buidhe" because of their blond hair or fair features. Buidhe was the pure Gaelic form. In some areas of the Highlands, the name was anglicized to "Buie" and in the Lowlands close to the English border the name was "Bowie" to better accommodate the English phonetics. Other spellings included Bowey, Bouie, Boy, Buy, Bouwie, Buoy, Boie, Bouy, Boye, Bui, Bhuie. [7]


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